Functional Testing of PCB Assemblies

Test Fixtures don’t have to be expensive or long-lead items. Hubble Engineering specializes in quick turn fixtures for suitably-sized boards, including the ability to get instant quotes for fixtures, even those including some custom circuitry.
  • Identify the number of test points (pogo pins), and the minimum spacing between them.
  • Identify the number of digital and analog interfaces in your device.
  • Choose from among our standard interface connectors.
  • Give us your board dimensions, preferably in the form of a STEP file.  


From that we can give you a quote.  If you accept the quote, we’ll forward you an Altium project with libraries of our common parts so that you can design a circuit for your testing needs.  If you need help with this step, we do custom work as well.  Return to us.  We’ll turn that into a PCB, build and ship the fixture to you. Normal lead-time is 3-4 weeks.

Design Guidelines for Functional Testing and Programming Fixtures

In order to maximize the coverage and capability of a Functional Test, it is necessary to ensure that the board is sufficiently testable. These design guidelines should be adopted to help ensure that the circuit can be tested satisfactorily.

Guidelines include the following:

  • Each test probe/Pogo Pin limited to 2A for short durations.
  • Typical minimum pitch of Pogo pins is 2.54mm (.1”).  Finer pitch is available on request.
  • Board finished is assumed to be LFHASL, ENIG or HASL.  


Please download the following link for complete design guidelines, and for special cases please contact

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Testing challenges for IoT devices

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The IoT is the connection of vehicles, home appliances, medicinal equipment using embedded electronics, microchips etc. to collect and exchange data. This technology allows the user to control and/or access devices remotely over a network.

Testing issues that are common in IoT devices

  • Size of DUT can be challenging (small boards)
  • Extremely low average power
  • “Bursty” power consumption
  • RF communications (WiFi, BLE, nbiot/LTE-M, and others)
  • Quick turn projects


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What should you expect from this service?

"Hubble has designed test fixtures for us using machined Delrin and/or 3D printed materials in a variety of sizes and shapes including some for extremely fine pitch DUTs, extremely small DUTs, as well as many ‘easy’ ones. Quick turn design and quick, straight-forward assembly, we use these fixtures for small and medium (thousands) volumes. We’ve done dozens of fixtures with Hubble Engineering."
Clay Karmel
Clayton Karmel
Principal, Pdicta Corp
"From mechanical design, to injection molding, and test fixtures, Hubble has been a key, and responsive resource in getting our hardware and firmware products to market. Hubble's electrical test fixtures have enabled us to not only test, but develop, on-target without the rework-cost, fragility, and pain of soldering wires to sensitive circuitry."
Charles Custon
Charles Custon
CEO, Fonefill

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