Project Portfolio

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” ~ Alan Kay


The challenge was to create an aesthetically pleasing headphone that met high standards for sound quality while simultaneously incorporating MadCatz proprietary technology. We worked closely with the Director of this division to produce a design that met their vision for the product.



We developed a product series of home automation switches with inter-operable face plates. The challenge was to develop a comprehensive product line along with keeping as many parts as possible the same. Some parts served multi-functions and the product line is still one of Simply-Automated’s largest sales volume.

TED 5000

The Energy Detective came to Hubble Engineering to design a hand held table top verson of their popular home energy monitor system. We developed this from the concept and carried it into manufacturing.



This client came to us believing he had a mechanical design issue. His Heart Rate Monitor device wasn’t reliably acquiring the beat. He did have a mechanical issue, which we were able to quickly fix and prototype with 3D printed materials at a tiny fraction of what he had paid for machined parts earlier. But the problems included serious electrical engineering design issues, firmware issues, and a lack of tools to capture the problems.

After solving the mechanical and front-end electrical issues, we developed a tool which enabled us to stream the actual QRS ‘heartbeat’ waveform via a custom ANT profile to an iOS application. The client found this so compelling that he asked us to monitor and display muscle activity. After some creative digital filtering, we were able to link muscle activity to sound generation in iOS, enabling a very fun TED Talk given by the client. Watch out for his shout out to us at the end.


We developed a handpiece for orthopedic surgery for StrenuMed. They required an ergonomic design that was autoclavable and cost effective to produce. We branded this handpiece for the end customer. We often work with demanding design requirements. Durability and reliability are always at the forefront of considerations when working with handpieces for the surgical environment. 



We developed a night vision device that was robust and met ergonomic standards for hand-held devices. Working closely with the Director of Engineering we were successful in delivering Xexonics their first night vision device. For a first product generation that is directly fielded to the military this become a huge success. Most of that success was due to the ruggedness and usability of the design. 

Altair DT2 Skin Resurfacing System

Altair Instruments has been a medical device manufacturer for over 35 years with expertise in Class, I, II & III products. The company has parlayed their medical device expertise and created the revolutionary crystal free skin exfoliation system. They came to Hubble Engineering to seek our expertise in aesthetic design and ergonomics. We developed there second generation system blending the successful design elements of their first generation systems with updated technology and ergonomics.

Diamond Tome
Haptic Surgical Training system 2

Haptic Surgical Training System

Sentir Technology came to us with detailed requirements for a haptic surgical training system. All of the major subsystems were already in place, however it required our unique expertise to combine them in a cost effective ergonomic system design. We worked with many different manufacturing processes with this design, from 3D printed parts to carbon fiber.