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  • Tel: +1 619.550.2332
  • Mail: info@hubbleeng.com
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"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value." ~ Albert Einstein

Mechanical Engineering

Our engineers employ CAE (computer aided engineering) and CAD (computer aided design) to evaluate and design. Our development experience includes automation equipment, medical devices, commercial electronics, and clean energy technologies.

Electrical Engineering

From schematic and layout to fabrication we can help you realize your requirements. Our engineers are experienced in RF, analog and digital pcb design. We also have experience in power engineering.

Industrial Design

The look and feel of a product starts here. Our passion for aesthetics drives us to produce some of the most compelling designs. We interweave the vision of the company with the product therefore the story behind the company is embedded into the product.

Project Management

There are so many ways to approach project management that it is often our advice to use “whatever works” to maintain the schedule and drive the project to completion. The name of the game is speed to market. We use a set of common tools to schedule and manage the variety of tasks required to complete a project.

3D Printing

Using the latest in 3D rapid prototyping we can produce plastic parts that are similar in strength and flexibility as standard ABS or PC parts. These high tolerance parts are often used as engineering evaluation units, given this ability you can evaluate a product without going to high cost tooling. Within this service we offer low volume product manufacturing using a soft-shell casting technique.

Material and Parts Sourcing

We specialize in material or parts that are hard to find. Employing our trusted manufacturers and vendors both in the US and Asia we have a large network to source from.

Turn Key Manufacturing

From widgets to custom low volume production builds we can offer you a solution that is both economical and on time. Employing our trusted manufacturers both in the US and Asia we have manufactured a number of products.

A holistic framework that creates systems that strive to be essentially waste free. Green Product Guidelines
A design brief outlines the objectives and corresponding design strategies for a project. Design Brief

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